The program seeks to provide students with knowledge and skills at an international standard of excellence in the following categories.

Management - Students will acquire a full complement of managerial skills in finance, marketing, accounting, human resource management and strategic management.

Communication - Students will be able to communicate effectively in English: writing, speaking, reading and listening.

Ethics and Social Responsibility - Students will develop knowledge and sensitivity with regard to the ethical, social and environmental responsibilities of managers and the organizations for which they work.

Critical Thinking - Students will develop the capacity to identify problems, assess them rationally, solve them creatively, and implement solutions effectively.

Technology - Students will become competent with information technology, develop essential skills in the most contemporary applications of technology to management and have the knowledge to adapt to future innovations.

Cross Culture - Students will understand the sources of cultural difference and the management problems and opportunities presented. Experience of cultural diversity will be gained through interaction with fellow students, local and regional field trips, and visits to multinational organizations.

BBA English Program
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  Information current as of August 1, 2018