The BBA English Program always supports our students to participate in study trip programs, because we believe that study trips can enhance learning in many subjects, allowing students time to bond with their classmates and have a range of new experiences outside of the classroom.

There are 2 study trip programs that we always encourage our students to join with us;

  1. Study Trips in ASEAN Countries:
  2. The ASEAN Economy Community has been agreed tobring a new era of economic co-operation to all 10 countries, including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Brunei in 2015, changes can be anticipated.

    The principle concepts of AEC 2015 are that workers can go and work anywhere in these countries without tight restrictions and also all of these countries agree to use English as a language for business.

    Consequently, the BBA English Program is aware of these changes and thus we have decided to arrange study trips at business organizations in all of these countries, to allow our students to gain new knowledge and experience about multi-cultural studies among ASEAN countries.

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  Information current as of August 1, 2018